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NEW Group Students! Welcome to classes: please click here to learn how to best use this page of the web site.

getting started
Learn the parts of your instrument and bow, how to care for your instrument, all about shoulder pads and how to set up your home studio. GO

holding the instrument
Learn rest position and play positions, what to do with your feet (that gotta dance), basic finger positions with a side note about fatigue. GO

holding the bow
What's an "Up Bow", for that matter what's a "Down Bow" - gosh, why do I have to hold the bow like this, it's freaky. Is there anything I can do to make this feel better? GO

tuning your violin / viola
Tuning takes some practice, but if you wish to give it a try, here are one minute recordings of the violin / viola string tones: A, D, E, G, and the low C for viola. Be sure to twist while firmly pressing the pegs into the instrument to make them hold fast. Click here for more info on tuning your instrument.

note reading
Learn to figure out what all those lines and spaces are in your music and what they mean. Begin reading your own music! Learn about basic rhythm and other common symbols in your music. GO

Crack the code and decipher complex rhythms using this handy Subdivision Chart.

oh no!
My string broke! I think my instrument is really out of tune! My violin was crushed by a falling anvil.... What to do when something goes wrong with your instrument. GO

policies: snow, absence, etc.
It's snowing, are we having class? What do I do if I need to drop out of class? What if I am retaking a class I've had before? GO


free concerts
See wonderful student musicians—there's something amazing (and usually absolutely free) going on every day at Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, and Mannes. Hey, you live here, why not?

schedule a private lesson
Schedule a private lesson and get some personal help one-to-one, make up a missed class. GO


make a tuition payment
You can make secure tuition payments here via credit cards and eChecks. Tuition schedule and absence / withdrawal policy.... GO

recital info & schedule
Info about upcoming recitals, soloists, ensembles, and group class repertoire. GO

How to prepare to play a solo, duet, or other small ensemble work in a recital—MUST READ!

your songs: fingerings & tips
Please click on the song(s) you're working on for helpful info, fingerings and recordings. Each song has a brief lead-in before the song starts and to help you get prepared to play:

Book I

Book II

Feel free to preview upcoming songs, but do concentrate on the ones we're working on right now. More songs as they're ready....


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