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students' area : allegretto

Like "Run Puppy" Twinkle, Allegretto shares a similar bow technique, however it's slower than the Twinkle variation with a smaller "Puppy" and quick dash across the bow on the "Run".

If you haven't yet purchased this book, now is the time to get "Suzuki Violin School Book 1". You can find this order it from the library page of this site, or find it locally as well.

Please have a look at the note reading page and use this info to help you figure out the fingering on your own!

preparation / review

Musical Symbols , Twinkle Run Puppy Variation


warm up

Short Short LONG (and loud!) Warm up on a scale with the Run Puppy rhythm, play it slowly and be sure to be alternating each "Puppy" between the tip and frog. Use the whole length of the bow on the "Run" and quietly play the "Puppy" with a tiny movement.