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Getting a music book with our songs may be very helpful at this point so you can start to study and begin to read notes. You'll soon need this book to study at home effectively. You can find "Suzuki Violin School Book I" at local music stores, or order it online from this page.

As always, do try to spend time refining the fundamentals by playing the scale slowly and carefully, try to develop good tone by playing solidly on the string and with good, rich tone. Use the weight of your bow arm to your advantage, focus that weight on the string, don't be shy about playing out, you'll never know the limits of your violin if you don't push them from time to time! Also review Twinkle - doing Twinkle variations is a great warm up to do before tackling your new pieces! If your fundamentals are strong, everything will begin to be easier.


preparation / review

A Major Scale, Lightly Row, Slower Twinkle Run Puppy Variation, Practice Tips


warm up

Try your scale using medium speed Run Puppy rhythms, try your best to keep the sound warm and connected (don't halt the bow, keep it moving.)

Also try practicing some of the faster moving notes by themselves to get them down, such as 1a0a1a2a0a-.


Fingering Key

2a 2a1a0a 0a 1a 1a 2a1a0a
0e 0e3a2a 2a 1a0a1a2a0a-

2a 2a3a0e 0e 1e 1e 0e3a2a (Play this line "forte" or loud!)
2a 2a3a0e 0e 1e 1e 0e- (Play this line "piano" or soft for an echo effect)

2a 2a1a0a 0a 1a 1a 2a1a0a
0e 0e3a2a 2a 1a0a1a2a0a-

The first and last parts are the same notes! Add interest to the music by adding an echo - often times in music if there is a repeated phrase the second iteration will be softer....

Go Tell Aunt Rhody from Arabia :) Substitute every first finger in the song with "Low" first finger (about 1/2 way between the first finger tape and the end, or nut of the fingerboard. Be sure to still keep your other fingers in the same places as before, there's going to be a bigger stretch from "Low First" to the second finger now!)

L1="Low 1"

2a 2aL1a0a 0a L1a L1a 2aL1a0a
0e 0e3a2a 2a L1a0aL1a2a0a-

2a 2a3a0e 0e L1e L1e 0e3a2a
2a 2a3a0e 0e L1e L1e 0e-

2a 2aL1a0a 0a L1a L1a 2aL1a0a
0e 0e3a2a 2a L1a0aL1a2a0a