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students' area : may song

This song has a lot of quick string crossings - and it's to be played with a lot of energy!


preparation / review

A Major Arpeggio, O Come Little Children, Practice Tips


warm up

Try this pattern until you feel comfortable to get a better feel for switching strings quickly:

a- ae e

a- ea a (for this one, try to use a quick dip of the hand to grab the open e - sometimes it's not necessary to switch arm levels for a single note, use your wrist instead. See if you can find all the places in the music where you use this string crossing!)



Fingering Key

0a- 2a0e 3e 1e 3e1e0e-
3a- 0e2a 0a 1a- 0a-
0e 0e 3a 3a 2a 0e2a1a-
0e 0e 3a 3a 2a 0e2a1a-
0a- 2a0e 3e 1e 3e1e0e-
3a- 0e2a 0a 1a- 0a-