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Revised 030904.

Up until now all of your songs have started with a down bow, this piece begins with an up bow!


preparation / review

A Major Scale, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Musical Symbols, Practice Tips


warm up

Try your scale, but this time with a new twist. Play each note in the scale twice, but each time with two bows in the same direction, for instance:

0a 0a (frog to middle, pause, then middle to tip)
1a 1a (tip to middle, pause, then middle to frog)
2a 2a
3a 3a
0e 0e etc.

All the way up and back down the scale. Don't pick up the bow, but rather just pause it and continue in the same direction.

=Down Bow
=Up Bow

Use about half a bow for each note.

Try this warm up to get famliar with string crossing, try to always hit one of these three points in every half stroke and full stroke, Frog, Tip or Middle:

h0a h0e f0e- (use half bows "h" on h0a h0e and a full bow "f" on the f0e-)
h0a h0e f0e- (repeat until it becomes comfortable, if you're doing this exercise correctly, you should be alternating between the upper and lower halves of the bow.)


Fingering Key

All notes are generally about a half bow except for the bold notes, try using a full or whole bow on the bold notes....

0e 0e- 2a 0e 0e- 2a 0e 3a- 1a 1a 2a- (you end on an up bow, then without picking up the bow, begin again on an up bow, be sure to save room on your bow so you can play the second up bow - stop about half way through the bow....)
0e 0e- 2a 0e 0e- 2a 0e 3a- 1a 1a 2a- (stop half way here and begin the next note up)
2a 1a- 1a 1a 3a- 3a 3a 2a- 2a 2a 1e- (stop half way here and begin the next note up)
1e 0e- 0e 0e 3e- 0e 2a 3a- 1a 1a 0a- (stop half way here and go back to the beginning of the song and start with another up bow)