Online and In-Person Group Violin Lessons for Adult Beginners

Learn the violin or viola from home with affordable video chat group violin classes, and online private violin lessons. Attend an in-person group violin class held in Windham, Maine ME.

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Group lessons are affordable, fun, and a great way to make new friends—and maybe being part of a group will give you that little nudge to keep practicing! Our sessions will cover posture, holding the violin and bow, basic technique, and fun music. You do not need to know anything about the violin or music—this class is for absolute newcomers! You probably won't notice that every lesson is designed to build your skills methodically, and while you're home, you can access helpful info and pictures, fingerings, sound clips, and exercises from the students' section of this web site.

What You'll Need

Students will either need to rent or purchase an instrument to enroll in lessons. Affordable violins may be found online, and also from local dealers.

Our adult classes are open to students 13 years of age and older.

Other Considerations

A note about fingernails...kind of a strange thing to consider, but some have been unwilling to part with their long fingernails: if you have long nails, taking this course will require that you give them a trim (proper finger position depends on short nails.)

MORE: Advice on renting or purchasing a violin.

About Your Teacher

Over the years, I've been delighted to help people make violin and viola playing a part of their lives. I've been teaching for over 30 years in Seattle, and Olympia, Washington, Eugene, Oregon, New York City, and Windham, Maine. While in Eugene I taught for the 4J School District as an orchestra director and conducted sectionals and auditions for the Eugene Youth Symphony. I've taught at the Suzuki Institute of Seattle, Tacoma Youth Symphony Music Camp, and been director of the Thalia Olympic Music Camp.

I've been most fortunate to have studied with Peggy Olson, Edward Seferian, Leslie Straka, Milton Katims, Walter Schwede, and Eric Shumsky, with masterclasses and coaching from Glen Dicterow, Steven Staryk, Joseph Genualdi, and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.

I wish to build a  school that offers music education for adults. This school is to have various programs for all stages in one's musical development. It is my goal to create such a school that says: "It is never too late to start. It is never too late to experience, and express through music."

It is my belief that the arts are interrelated and when given an insights into music making, these insights can lend a fresh approach to other processes. Playing an instrument is not merely learning technique or faithful reproduction of pieces, it can be a diving board for an exciting journey into self discovery through the world of the arts: composers, musicians, dance, theater, visual art and literature. I hope to pass this feeling of a inter-relatedness on to my students and to give my students something to take home in their hearts.

It gives me great joy see students discover, and grow. 

Ed Davis


Please note that missing class is not recommended and you will need to practice outside of class! As every class builds one upon another, if you anticipate missing a class, you may schedule a private make-up lesson to keep current with the group. One 30 minute private lesson is included with the course.

The online session includes two 1.25 hour, six 1 hour long group classes,
and one 30 minute private lesson—9 hours of expert instruction!

Reservation/Partial Tuition:

Tuition Remainder, Due by First Class:

TOTAL TUITION: $300 $195

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For in-person class options, please continue to the end of this page.

* $160 via Zelle, $167 via Venmo or Credit Card.

As these are group lessons with limited class size, please commit to the full session in which you wish to be enrolled. Fees for the session are non-refundable.

Online Meeting Room

After you sign up for a video chat class, you will receive confirmation with links to our online class meetings (please allow 1-2 business days for this info to arrive.) To fully participate in video chat lessons, you will need an internet connection, and a tablet, laptop, or computer with a camera and microphone.

Do I need to know how to read music to take this class?
No, we'll be using a simplified notation that will allow us to focus on playing.
Should I have my violin tuned before class?
Violins, and all strings, need tuning just about every time you wish to play, so one of the skills that we’ll be learning in the very beginning is how to tune the instrument.
How long are the lessons and how many students are there in class?
Classes meet once a week for a two months, and classes are 1 to 1.5 hours in length. We may be taking a 5 minute break sometime during a longer lesson. This course also includes one 30 minute private lesson. Class will be limited to no more than 7 participants.
How much will I learn in this class?
We are able to cover tuning, stance, holding the instrument and bow, basic bowing and rhythm, fingering technique, and about 3-4 songs.
I have had a month of lessons with another teacher, is this class for me?
If you have had a few lessons, it is still recommended to take this beginner course as we do cover fundamentals. If you have had more than 3 months of lessons, please write and describe your experience—you may be eligible to join a class that is further along.
Work sometimes will keep me late, what if I have to miss class?
Students who miss class may schedule a make-up lesson to stay current with the class. Lessons outside of class are a great way to stay current or to have extra help from time to time.
Why should I take a live class when there are tutorials on YouTube?
The teacher will focus on each individual within the lesson, adapting to her/his needs. The violin is a nuanced and intricate instrument to play, with the guidance of a teacher, one will learn more quickly, and with a stronger foundation on which to advance. Students may also ask questions for greater clarity, and have customized exercises to develop technique.
After this class, will I be able to continue where I left off?
Yes! Ongoing classes will be offered so long as there are students wishing to move forward. Continuing classes may be scheduled at a different time.
If I rent a violin, can I take it home?
Yes, you'll need to practice of course! Rental violins are due to be returned or renewed by our last class of the session.
"After waiting for decades to do something I've dreamed of, I am amazed at how much I've leaned and progressed in such a short time. If playing the violin is what you want to do, StringSchool is an excellent way to learn and grow."
Yvonne B.
Philadelphia, PA
"After all those years of thinking & wondering if I could or should, I finally feel that I AM A VIOLINIST."
Irene K.
"The group lessons are the best clean fun around. Better than therapy! You'll feel great about learning something that can nurture your soul for the rest of your life."
Mary Ann C.
"Playing with a group is so much more fun than playing alone, and it's easy to find people to play with who are at roughly the same level as you, whether you've recently started or have been playing for years."
Kori N.
Washington, DC
"It has been such a joy to express and enjoy music through the violin. It has opened up an entirely new world."
Mary C.
San Francisco, CA
It's never too late to pick up the instrument that you love!
Stephanie A.