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On this page, you will find one day, and short-term classes covering such topics as:

     Fit as a Fiddle, Violin Maintenance, String Replacement and Cleaning
     Music Theory
     Ask Anything!
     Critical Listening
     Electric Violin
     Practice for Jazz
     Patterns for Fiddle
     Seasonal Songs

Please check back for updates, and if you have an interest in a particular class, or don't see what you're looking for here, please write.


Fit as a Fiddle!

7:00-8:30pm EST, Tuesday, January 24th
Class will be somewhere between 1.5 to 2.0 hours in length, so ending around 8:30-9pm.
We'll may take a short break about half way through the class.

$27 Tuition
$22 for Enrolled StringSchool Students
Limited Enrollment

Keep your violin or viola fit as a fiddle! Be guided through the process of safely diminishing minor scratches, thoroughly cleaning and polishing, replacing strings, lubricating pegs, and performing general maintenance on your violin. When finished, your violin will look gorgeous and be in tip-top playing condition.

You may observe this class, or be guided through taking care of your violin. Feel free to participate wholly, or in only the parts of class that you wish.

You'll need some supplies to participate:
1.  Two paper towels.
2.  Violin cleaner/polish, such as Psarianos or Hill. Only use cleaners and polishes formulated for the violin.
3.  Cleaning cloth, a few 8-12 inch squares cut from an old cotton t-shirt work very well, or clean microfiber cloths.
4.  A set of strings (if you wish to replace your strings) a good set is Dominants, or a less expensive option is Preludes (bright) other brands that are in-between in cost, are Zyex (brighter) and Helicore (darker.) Make sure you are buying the correct size for your violin, 4/4 for full size, 1/2, 3/4 for a kids size, etc.
5.  A tiny dollop of olive or almond oil, or similar.
6.  A small piece of masking tape (so once the strings are off, you can label them.)
7.  A soft bath towel on which to place your instrument.
8.  A small amount of vinegar and water solution, or lemon juice and water, about a 10% concentration.
9.  A sharp #2, or any soft lead pencil, it's helpful to have the sharpener nearby.
10.  A piece of a walnut or almond, or almost any soft nut will do (for darkening minor scratches, optional.)
11.  A chin rest wrench, a small pencil-like tool with a protrusion at the tip, which is used to loosen/tighten the screws of the chin rest. Also, a large paper clip will do, but it is recommended to have this affordable tool.

It would be ideal to see what you're doing as you work, so please angle your camera to have both you and your work area visible.
If you have an instrument of high value, or older age, it is recommended that you have it professionally serviced.

Perhaps 'goes without saying, but if it is a child's violin, this work may best be done by a parent...with the child's apprenticeship.

Once you enroll, you'll be sent a link to our Zoom chat room within 2 business days. If you're already a StringSchool student, the link to this workshop will be the same as for our classes, and private lessons.

Be sure and order any needed supplies early!
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