In-Person Group Violin Lessons for Adults with Experience

Attend an in-person group violin class held in Windham, Westbrook, and Portland, Maine ME.

Maybe you've played in high school orchestra? Or perhaps you were a Suzuki kid? Maybe you've had some lessons? Below is a list of ongoing classes with openings for new students. Students with experience may begin at any timeplease inquire about joining a class in progress as usually future schedules are listed below. Each class has a brief description, so you can perhaps see which class may be of interest and close to your level of playing.

Classes & Levels

If you wish to know if any class may be a good fit for you, feel free to write and describe your experience, From there, we'll schedule a free consultation so we can see where you're at with your violin playing. You may also visit any class to see how it is going to be. Please don't be shy, classes are fun, imaginative, and you will learn to play with great classmates!

Our adult classes are open to students 13 years of age and older.

Our skills series (the first 4 years of learning) includes classes in this progression below. If you wish to know if any of our classes might be a good fit for you, feel free to write and please describe your experience, and/or mention the pieces you last remember playing.

You do not need to wait for the beginning of a session to join a class. If there's a class that might be a good fit for you, you may join in at any time. When joining after a session has started, tuition would be pro-rated to be only the classes remaining in the series.

If you would like to visit (or participate in) a class to see what it is like, please be in touch!

First Year: Beginner Violin 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f
Second Year: Violin 2a-2e
Third Year: Violin 3a-3e
Fourth Year: Violin 4a-4e
Fifth Year and Above: Violin Ensemble

It is recommended that students with 3-4+ years of experience augment group classes with additional private lessons.

Advice on renting or purchasing a violin.

About Your Teacher

Over the years, I've been delighted to help people make violin and viola playing a part of their lives. I've been teaching for over 30 years in Seattle, and Olympia, Washington, Eugene, Oregon, New York City, and Windham, Maine. While in Eugene I taught for the 4J School District as an orchestra director, and conducted sectionals, and auditions, for the Eugene Youth Symphony. I've taught at the Suzuki Institute of Seattle, Tacoma Youth Symphony Music Camp, and been director of the Thalia Olympic Music Camp, and Seabeck Music Camp.

I have built a school that offers music education for not only children, but also for adults. This school has various programs for all stages in one's musical development, and it is such a school that says: "It is never too late to start. It is never too late to experience, and express through music."

It is my belief that the arts are interrelated and when given an insights into music making, these insights can lend a fresh approach to other processes. Playing an instrument is not merely learning technique, or reproduction of pieces, it can be a diving board for an exciting journey into self discovery through the world of the arts: composers, musicians, dance, theater, visual art and literature. I hope to pass this feeling of inter-relatedness on to my students and to give my students something to take home in their hearts.

It gives me great joy see students discover, and grow. 

Ed Davis

Meeting Place

In-person group classes will be meeting in one of a few locations, Windham, Westbrook, or Portland, ME. Please see course descriptions to learn more. The location of our class will either be below with the enrollment information, or will be sent to you via email after you enroll in the Windham course (please allow 1-2 business days for this info to arrive.)

If you would like to have an optional private lesson added to your course, this lesson can either be in-person in Windham, or online via Zoom.

Do I need to know how to read music to take this class?
First year classes will focus on reading and some basic music theory. Advanced classes will address reading issues as applied to  each piece that is studied.
How long are the lessons and how many students are there in class?
Classes meet once a week for 1 or 2 months and classes are either 1 hour, or 1.5 hours in length (details are in each class description below.) We may be taking a 5 minute break sometime during a longer lesson. Class will be limited to no more than 9 participants in Portland and Westbrook, and at Windham Middle School. In North Windham, class will be limited to 5 students.
I've been playing for some time and wish to join a class with experience, what should I do?
Please be in touch to schedule a free informal listening and consultation. Prepare a minute of any piece you like to play, this will help in finding out which class might be best for you - and don't worry if you're feeling rusty, your piece doesn't need to be perfect! Please write to arrange for a time.
Work sometimes will keep me late, what if I have to miss class?
Students who miss class are encouraged to schedule a make-up lesson to stay current with the class. Lessons outside of class are a great way to make up for a missed class, or to have extra help.
After this class, will I be able to continue where I left off?
Yes! If there is interest, ongoing classes will be offered following any class, however it may be at a different time, and location.
If I join a class that has already started, what will my tuition be?
Please ask: tuition would be pro-rated so that you would only pay for remaining classes in a session.
Most of the class schedules I see are in the future, how can I join now?
Aside from holidays, classes are almost always in session—however classes that are currently in progress may not be listed in the schedules below. Please inquire for more information.

Schedule & Sign Up!

To enroll in a class, please see the offerings below and click the enroll button for the class that best suits you. If you are unsure of which class to enroll, please be in touch for a friendly, free consultation.

If your checkout email address is not your preferred address, please include an additional email address in the "notes" portion of your payment.

Violin 2cd
In-Person Class

~1 Year Experience
Classes meet in North Windham, ME.
In this class, we'll be learning to deepen tone, and play with the bow smoothly near the frog.  We'll also be discussing how rhythm creates shape and lends clues as to how to interpret a composition.
Thursday @ 3:30pm, June 6
Friday @ 4:15pm, June 14
Wednesday @ 2:00pm, June 19
Friday @ 4:15pm, June 28
July 5, 12, 19, 28

Total Tuition for 8 Weeks of Lessons: $240

Violin TBA
In-Person Class

Classes are being planned for the fall in Portland, Westbrook, and Windham, Maine.
Please email to be placed on the notification list, or fill in our questionnaire.

In-Person Classes, Maine

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Cancellation Policy: There is a $20 cancellation fee, your reservation fee is only partially refundable. If canceling your enrollment 7 days prior to the first class, your entire enrollment fee, or portion of, may be forfeit if the vacancy cannot be filled. Thank you for your understanding.

On occasion, class may be canceled/rescheduled due to low enrollment, at which point a student may have a refund of tuition, or use tuition towards an alternate class, private lessons, or future class.

"After waiting for decades to do something I've dreamed of, I am amazed at how much I've leaned and progressed in such a short time. If playing the violin is what you want to do, StringSchool is an excellent way to learn and grow."
Yvonne B.
Philadelphia, PA
"After all those years of thinking & wondering if I could or should, I finally feel that I AM A VIOLINIST."
Irene K.
"The group lessons are the best clean fun around. Better than therapy! You'll feel great about learning something that can nurture your soul for the rest of your life."
Mary Ann C.
"Playing with a group is so much more fun than playing alone, and it's easy to find people to play with who are at roughly the same level as you, whether you've recently started or have been playing for years."
Kori N.
Washington, DC
"It has been such a joy to express and enjoy music through the violin. It has opened up an entirely new world."
Mary C.
San Francisco, CA
It's never too late to pick up the instrument that you love!
Stephanie A.